’15 Spring/ Summer Newsletter
Jun 25, 2015

A Message from Dr. Kadambi

It seems only yesterday that we started Fort Wayne Endocrinology with nothing more than a dream and a commitment to make it happen with hard work and dedication.

Here we are fifteen years later only to realize how much more still remains to be done.

First and foremost we would like to express our gratitude to all of our patients who have put their trust in us to help them through their difficult times. We take that responsibility seriously, and always put the welfare of our patients ahead of everything else.

Next, I personally would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts put forth by the staff right from the front desk personnel to the back office staff that enables us to do our job well.

We have two new Physician Assistants. Please join me in welcoming Jennifer Born,PA-C, MMS, MSPH, and Desiree Heim, NP-C, to the practice.

Over these years there have been several advances in the health care arena that include newer pharmaceuticals, better understanding of how hormones work, and advances in nutrition. As a result, we have been able to offer cutting edge therapies to our patients. However, these advances pale in comparison to the unconditional love and compassion that we must bring to bear on those who entrust their care to us. We sincerely thank our patients for teaching us that very important lesson as we look forward to the next phase in our growth.


Office Updates

• We cannot do prior authorizations for compounding medications, as these are not usually covered by the insurance companies.

• Our recommended supplements are available at the front desk for your convenience.

• Dr. Kadambi’s article, “The Myths and Facts of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Women” is in the 2015 edition of Fort Wayne Monthly’s, City Guide magazine. Check it out!

Did You Know?

Your Vitamin D supplement is better absorbed if taken with a higher fat meal.  Sunshine is critical for Vitamin D production. Enjoy sunshine, but avoid allowing yourself to suffer sunburn.


Employee Feature                                              

Arana Crisler, RN

Arana Crisler is the current COO of Fort Wayne Endocrinology. She started her nursing career working as a nursing assistant for a local nursing home in 1986.

She left the medical field for several years and returned with the assistance of Joanne Devers, previous Dean of Nursing for IVY Tech State College. Joanne was instrumental in keeping Arana focused and setting long-term and short-term goals.

She eventually went on to further her education and graduated from Saint Francis University.

Before finding her home with Fort Wayne Endocrinology in 2004, Arana, worked for both Lutheran and Parkview Hospitals. Arana has learned many things about medicine and life working for Dr. Kadambi and has thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Arana believes true happiness is found in taking interest in others and caring for their needs.


Recommended Healthy Snacks

-Brown rice cakes


-Hummus, bean dip, salsa, and guacamole

-Fresh or frozen fruits/vegetables

-Whole grain crackers with cheese or nut butter

-Hard-boiled eggs

-Low fat plain yogurt (with fresh fruit if needed for sweetness)

-Wasabi peas

-Dark Chocolate, 60% cocoa (in moderation)