Low Testosterone Survey

Do you have low Testosterone Levels? See below to find out.

Score each question from 0 – 4. If the sum of your scores total 20 or more, you may be experiencing a condition known as Andropause or Male Menopause. Please contact our office for more information on how Fort Wayne Endocrinology can help treat these symptoms and have you feeling great again!

1.Fatigue, tiredness or loss of energy
2.Depression, low or negative mood
3.Irritability, anger or bad mood
4.Anxiety or nervousness
5.Loss of memory of concentration
6.Relationship problem with partner
7.Loss of sex drive
8.Erection problems during sex
9.Loss of morning erections
10.Decreased intensity of orgasms
11.Backache, joint pains or stiffness
12.Heavy drinking, past or present
13.Loss of fitness
14.Feeling overstressed

Total: 0